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Font Awesome.
HTML5 Blank WordPress boilerplate theme build themes faster with HTML5 Blank.
The HTML5 Blank WordPress theme offers annotated support throughout the code, basic advanced functions, very minimal mark-up and extremely neat easy to read code. HTML5 Blank includes advanced WordPress features and follows the WordPress Coding Standards. Built on top of HTML5 code standards, HTML5 Blank is a lean, clean starter theme for WordPress.
W3C HTML5 Logo.
You know that HTML5 badge you've' placed oh-so perfectly in your footer? That HTML5 T-shirt turning heads in the office? Those HTML5 stickers on your laptop and that HTML5 logo you shaved into your head? We want to see it!
HTML5 fundamentals, Part 1: Getting your feet wet.
This article is the first in a four-part series designed to spotlight changes in HTML5, beginning with the new tags and page organization and providing high-level information on web page design, the creation of forms, the use and value of the APIs, and the creative possibilities that Canvas provides.
HTML Standard.
1.2 Is this HTML5? 1.7 Design notes. 1.7.1 Serializability of script execution. 1.7.2 Compliance with other specifications. 1.8 HTML vs XML syntax. 1.9 Structure of this specification. 1.9.1 How to read this specification. 1.9.2 Typographic conventions. 1.10 A quick introduction to HTML.
Building Custom Controls for HTML5 Videos Treehouse Blog.
NOTE: A few weeks ago I wrote a post that covered how to get started with HTML5 video. If you havent used HTML5 video before I would recommend that you give that post a read first. Go ahead, Ill wait.
Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.
When used in conjunction with the centralized customization and branding capabilities of StoreFront 3.0 and later, users of this Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 release will receive a centrally managed app and desktop selection experience from StoreFront. For information about the features available in Citrix Workspace app for HTML5, see Citrix Workspace app Feature Matrix.
HTML5 Boilerplate: The webs most popular front-end template.
The webs most popular front-end template. HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. Kick-start your project with the combined knowledge and effort of 100s of developers, all in one little package. Download v8.0.0 See the CHANGELOG.

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